Sunday, October 23, 2005



I watched SJ Suryah's a..A tamil movie. I had bad experience with his movie New earlier. I could not sit through New and for anyone who did, I applaud your endurance. Anyway, Sun TV showed a clip of dialogue from the movie. Which in itself was interesting. So, I rented it. I should say that I was plesantly surprised by the movie. Movie is nothing unusual and is not one of a kind like SJ Suryah portrays it to be. The screenplay and the acting has raised the movie from the otherwise mediocre story. I read about this movie that it would've been better without SJ Suryah playing the lead role. I do not think so. He added a distinct color to the movie. Especially with his comic like portrayal of the role. Though he goes overboard with his almost-but-not-there T. Rajendar voice. Also, Nila did her part well also. Could not believe this is her new movie. The exchange between SJ Suryah and Nila, their disagreements and possive nature were all done as natural as it can be, except for the restaurant episode which is half believable. All the songs are good dance numbers though I did not completely like the way they've been picturized. The graphics were unnecessary and I hope Tamil cinema use them sensibly in the movies. It is like I learn photoshop and keep using photoshop for everything. Director Shankar started this phenomenon.

The scenes of intimate moments between SJ Suryah and Nila were not out of place or overdone. But many scenes are muted by the censor. I do not understand how scenes can be visually allowed but not the accompanying dialogues. It was irritating to go through a movie with lots of lip movements but no words coming out of them. SJ Suryah throw another cell phone at them. I think it is worth going to jail for as a director's creativity should not be undermined by some mindless people. Creativity by nature can be absurd, weird and can be beyond the social boundaries. People can rate the output as horrible (like I did for New ) or amazing. I cannot bear myself to watch some other movies that have escaped similar treatment. But that does not mean they should not be out for public humiliation/appreciation. Anway, I'd recommend a..A to a friend, and New to my enemy. And here is an alternate perspective.

Jags, I agree with you.. I thot the movie was hilarious.. esp. the bike scene. TOO FUNNY.. he's realistic.. He is a good actor, one of those.. U LOVE TO HATE.. character. I'm glad atleast someone other than myself enjoyed the movie.. 2 votes for SJ Suryah.
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